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Is God really calling me? How can I be sure of that? Dare I risk choosing this way of life? A course that is so different from familiar walks of life. These questions are crucial.

The monastic way is a spiritual adventure. It calls for great faith, and the courage to live with uncertainties. Those who set out on this path do so because they know they have been called by God. Do you have the courage to say YES to the call in your heart?

Just as Abraham left his property behind and set out in faith for an unknown country, so the monk leaves everything behind for the sake of God. The monastic call involves an urge for newness of life. You thirst for God, so to speak.

This calls for the decision to conform your life wholly to Jesus. You choose to focus your life, in simplicity, on listening to God and His Word. That life is is tuned in to uninterrupted praise of God. Egmond Abbey is able to help you realize and develop your calling.