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Monks have a particular stance in life. They are both separate from all and connected to all. They seek a life of simplicity. This is not an escape from the world but a search for the essential in life.

Everything you might acquire in the world is set aside for the sake of a greater ideal, namely undivided dedication to Christ. Following Him in this way is not without its trials but your aim is to live in the light so your heart will expand.

This discipline is worth considering because it identifies with the wisdom of a spiritual tradition passed on to you through a leader and a community. Monks are people who seek God by opening themselves up to continuing conversion each new day. The community is an ongoing "school for the Lord's service", united around the abbot who is a father that reminds us of God the Father.

In our Egmond community you learn the art of being able to serve and to love. Your goal in this is to allow gradual fulfilment to take place in your personality through the richness of the others. This growth is nourished by perseverence in talking with God in communal and personal prayer. Work and prayer go hand in hand, undertaken by all in a spirit of sacrifice and service.

With God's help all this leads to inner transformation, to a state of deep inner peace and joy. The life of the monk is borne wholly by faith. His ongoing experience is that of death and resurrection in Christ along with everything that this entails: detachment, humility, peace, service, gladness,freedom.