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If you wish to orientate on Monastic life, we invite you to take a path of discernment that is cogniscant with different steps.

  • First Step

After you decide to start please contact us to book a weekend visit or a midweek stay, at Egmond Abbey Guest House, as a candidate.

  • Second Step

The next step is to gain experience as a candidate for a period of three months during which time you will live at the Abbey and join in with all aspects of community life. This provides us with the opportunity of getting to know one another.

  • Third Step

If you decide to continue the monastic journey after the above experiential period you will then become a postulant. As such you participate in all the daily activities and tasks of the monks. You enter the monastic choir, are assigned your own tasks and become involved in general formation studies.

  • Fourth Step

If you choose to proceed after completing step three you then request to be admitted to the community as a novice. Upon commencement you receive the monastic habit and embark upon the two­year period involved. During this time you deepen your awareness in your relationship with God and your knowledge of monastic life.

  • Fifth Step

After completing step four you are now able to take temporary vows that cover a subsequent three­year period.

  • Sixth Step

After rounding off step five you are now able to take vows for life and receive consecration as a monk.

N.B. The priestly ministry is subject to discernment process by the monastic community.